thesis! there is a need for more frameworks to secure core values and goals of each project in the long term to improve trustfulness. and to secure values and principles of public interest.
vokabulary! - that we aim to give our understanding of or at least point out that we are aware of potentially many different understandings and possibility of manipulation in the words/ concepts:

looking at *sustainability* of a project one has to include care-work, energy, capital, environment, space, principles, values,...

*capital* is not only money, but also knowledge&information, experience, ability, materials, connections,..

*fairness* doesn't include a winning majority, but does include the concept of respect for all beings. see ethical e. g. design manifesto ...

*freedom*is not a single thing, there are many freedoms and they all have consequences like everything else does. "the freedom" is a concept that is often used to manipulate ppl, projects or narratives.

*public interest* + *commons* is not objectively defined or written somewhere. decisions of public interest are those that affect every person, that one can't escape of - and so are commons. example: clean air. "public interest" is a concept often miss-used for private interests.

*norm* in best case is what a group of ppl agreed on to have as a *norm*. norm is NOT a law of nature like capitalism is also not.

*power* is ability, impact , .. and evolves with every action a person is doing. we all exercise power in every act. the main focus is to see how its used. depowerising works with transparency, communication, agreements, knowledge sharing, structure,...

there will be a panel, reflecting the project presentations, sharing insights in possible solutions and discussing open questions in development of diverse proposals how self-, community- and environment-sustainable projects can be organized in a scalable way.
thesis! all collective projects encounter the same problems [sic!] e. g.
CLICK related project Secure Scuttlebutt

footing for our thinking:
thesis! a fair framework to us is avoiding structural discrimination now and in a future
- the longer the project runs, the tendency to miss-use the project for private interest is growing
- physical, emotional and/or financial burnout of ppl
- unclear goals/values in the beginning -> unclear common agreement, conflicts around values of the project
- imbalance in holding knowledge and experience, problems to share knowledge with new generations of ppl in the project (related to burnout)
- troubles with decision making and imbalance of insights into knowledge relevant for decision making
- unwritten structures leading to elitism/ dominant groups inside of the project
- unclear access to ressources/ information/ spaces leading to passivation and frustration

↑ announcement text for 1 hour panel on sphere radio written 1 week ago
↓ content of preparation for the panel and general exchange in RL meeting →
hOW do we connect to each other, share mindsets, tools, culture, values all over the universe, is it magic or what